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 *Specials 2*

          Cable Talk.
            Graphics CGI package for Paragon Cable customer information program (Housten, TCI)

          Earth Date.
            Environmental News and Views, CG and animated Graphics Package for a weekly
            cable series. Sid Brown, Producer/Director.

          HoneyBaked Ham Portland Masters Bowling.
            Geoff Park Productions, Geoff Park Director/Producer Graphics & CG Package 1988 - 1998.
            Greater Portland Soccer District Championships, and Professional Soccer
            (Portland Timbers) Graphics & CG.

          NE Spectrum: LIVE.
            Opening animated Graphics and CG package for a Black current affairs program.
            Aaron Walker, Director.

          Oregon Voter Digest.
            Graphics Package and Live CG Spring '94 - Bruce Broussard Producer & Host.

          Portland Panthers.
            Graphics Package and live CG for professional tennis, Chris McMurtry, Producer.

          Portland Pride.
            Columbia Cable Graphics package & CG for indoor soccer, one season.
            1993 season David Dale Producer.

          Santa OnLine
            A live phone in show...Animated Graphics package and live CG Paragon Cable.
            Steve Wylie Producer 1989 - 1996.

          Vote '92 -The Results.
            Graphics Package and live CG 1992 for Paragon Cable's Live election coverage.

          Winter Hawk Hockey.
            Live to Tape, Paragon Cable through '88 - '90 season.
            Dwight Gruber, Producer CG Package.

          Winter Hawk Hockey.
            Portland Coliseum Jumbotron Graphics package including animation,
            advertisements and VTR playback of Game highlights on the Jumbotron.

          Winter Hawk Hockey.
            In 1991 Columbia Cable, Vancouver WA took over the live to taping of Winter
            Hawk Hockey. David Dale Producer/Director Hockey broadcasts lasted until '91-'94.

         (Thanks to Garry T. Stasiuk, who has been involved in all the above more or less!!)