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          "Aktuell Rapport" Swedish xxx movie.
            Amiga WB visible on screen.

          "45th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards"
            Video Toaster effects created by the Post Group.

          Abano Terme (Padua) - Italy.
            Chemical plant : Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.a.
            There was three A500's in a special info box.

          Advertising Club of New York's Annual Awards Ceremony.

            Started their company with three Amigas, 1 A2000, 1 A3000 and 1 A4000.
            First project was Hologram Man using ImageFX.
            The last project that used an Amiga was for the HBO series
            "From the Earth to the Moon". The 4000 was used to compile what is known
            as "animatics" which is animated storyboards, basically. The 4000 had DCTV
            attached and Lightwave rendered (on a PC) frames were put together and taped.
            That Series got at least one Emmy and was up for a special effects Emmy.
            AI Effects went on to get an Emmy (special effect) for DUNE and Children of Dune.

          American Music Awards.

         "God, the Universe and Everything Else" video (1988).
            With Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan.
            Midway through the show Arthur uses an Amiga 2000 to display fractal graphics.

          Front 242, Belgian synthgroup.
            Used Amiga for creating graphics.
            They also had a sideproject called "Art & Strategy" that only worked with
            graphics and used Amiga for that. Their work could bee seen on a wourld-
            tour in 1992.

          Manifesto, musicgroup.
            Used an Amiga 1200 and Protracker to creat the track:
            "Higher State of Consciousness".

          Michael Jackson, Ghost music video.
            Amiga 4000 keyboard spotted.

          NONAME, creates web sites for private compagnies, public
            organizations, associations.
            Used software : ImageFX, PPaint, Turbocalc, TVPaint and ARexx!

          Northampton Bus Station (England).
            Uses/used Amigas for the bus destination board displays.

          Showtime's "World Class Kickboxing Championships".

          The Fred Meyer Challenge a children's charitable event, Vancouver, USA.
            One Amiga running Scala MM400 and one Amiga with Video Toaster.
            Commercials, and Amiga computer graphics of all the sponsoring
            corporations, highlighting their logos and or products. 50 - 80 companies
            are involved in this.

          "This Country's Rockin'", documentary about America, NBC.

            Techno & trance music group from Gothenburg, Sweden.
            Using Amiga 4000 PPC with Tracks & Fields.

          FISCAL & EAGER'S AT THE HOTLINE - 1993 Shooting Star Award, First
            Place Training Video winner, American Corporate Video Awards.
            Animated Open sequence and insert graphics were created using DPaint
            4.1.  End credits were created with Pro Video Post.  Theme music was
            produced using SuperJam and a MIDI sound module.  The project's client
            was The Child Welfare Training Project at CSU-Fresno.  The video is
            used as part of a training curriculum for Child Protective Service
            workers in the State of California.  The video is also being used by
            several CPS departments in other states.

          VIDEO CAFE:  BAGDAD CAFE & OMAR episodes - 1992 Bronze Telly
            Award for Bagdad Cafe, 1993 Bronze Telly award for Omar.  DPaint was
            used to create the Series'animated logo title sequence and for the
            animated transition graphic used between segments.  End credits were
            created with Pro Video Post.  The series was offered to local PBS TV
            stations and has been picked up by over 75 stations and counting.
            Each show features musical performance and documentary coverage of the
            featured musical group whose styles ranged from Blues to Zydeco.

          Udine, Italy (near Venice)
            Amiga powered large display.
            Another interesting story about this is that the company who was doing
            the slides with the various pictures of the football teams and players
            (to be displayed on the large screen) had a special request, i.e. they
            needed to merge the color palette of different pictures, to create a
            single palette-based picture, with different players and backgrounds, to
            display on this big screen. That was one of the first applications of
            Personal Paint's "Color Merge".