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          900 NBC Television Stations.
            WSTM 3 in Syracuse, New York.
            Atlantic City, New Jersey.

          American Cablevision.

          Atlantic City, New Jersey (channel identification unknown).

          Brookhaven Cable in Long Island, New York.

          Brooklyn Queens Cable, Brooklyn, New York.
            Pay Per View.

          Israeli television (station identification unknown).
            Used to display live images on a children's game show (name
            unknown). Also used for set design.

          KAIL IND.
            "On Tonight With Chris Terrence", talk show.

          KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA (channel unknown).

          KFSN ABC.
            Amiga used for election results.

          KJEO CBS.
            Video Toasters.

          KNBC in Los Angeles, California (channel 4).

          KOMO in Seattle, Washington (channel unknown).

          KRON in San Francisco Bay Area (channel unknown).

          KSEE NBC.
            Video Toasters.

          KUTV in Salt Lake City (use unknown).
            Local Origination Channel at Fresno's Continental CableVision.


          SciFi Channel.

          TCI cable television.

          WBZ in Boston, Massachusetts (channel unknown).

          WSTM 3 in Syracuse, New York.
            NBC affiliate.

          WMC TV, Memphis, Tennessee, USA - NBC Affiliate.
            Used Amigas and Video Toaster products to produce graphics
            for it's news casts.