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Welcome to Famous Amiga Uses written by: Pär Boberg. (Originally written by: David Tiberio). Updated: 09/01/2021 Version: v2.6.1 This list will show a lot of famous Amiga uses around the world, and prove that Amiga was quite widely used in Schools, TV-stations, Movies etc... !!PLEASE NOTE!! I can't verify that everything on this list is true. But I do know that most of it, is true. But if you know anything that should be removed or added or are incorrect, then please send me an e-mail! Contact Contributors History New and updated entries ABC Athletics Awards Cable Television Corporations and Government Disney ESPN Events Exhibits FOX HBO IBM Kiosks and OEM Movies MTV NBC NewTek PBS People Production Studios Programs and TV-series Public Access Rysher Schools Specials Specials 2 Stations Television Movies TV-Commercials Virtual Reality

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