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          "Betrayed", motion picture.
            Amiga used to maintain database of right-wing extremists.

          "Brain Dead".
            Amiga 1000 spotted in the trailer for the movie.

            (Not confirmed)

          "City Slickers", motion picture, starring Billy Crystal.

          "Danger Island"
            A 1084s monitor (with the brand covered by a sticker)

          "Darkman III"
            An A3000 appears as the main villain's lab computer.

          "Death Train", starring Pierce Brosnan, motion picture.
            SCALA used to display secret Russian information.
            SCALA logo visible onscreen.

          "Earth Girls are Easy", (1989)
            With Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, Geena Davis and Damon Wayans.
            Commodore 1084 monitor and an Amiga spotted.

          "Fantastic Four: The Movie", motion picture (1994).

          "Food of the Gods 2", motion picture.
            Amiga used as prop on the growth lab.

          "Freaked", with Brooke Shields.
            Workbench spotted.

          "Freejack", feature film, starring Emilio Estevez.
            Lightwave generated animation of main character's race car.
            Video Toaster generated time-warp displays.
            Graphics created by Joe Conti.

          "The High Crusade", movie (1994).
            All graphics created with A4000 and LightWave.

          "Honey, I Blew Up the Baby".
            Effects produced by Anti-Gravity Workshop.

          "Hot Shots, Part Deux", motion picture.

          "Jurassic Park", previsualization by Amblin Imaging.

          "Loch Ness".
            All sonar displays in the boat were Amiga generated.

          "Me Myself I".
            Amiga 1000 and notepad used. (Not verified)

          "More than Human", Walt Disney Studios.
            Amiga generated graphics of androids.

          "Motel Blue 19", horror film.
            Cinemorph used for morphing sequences.

          "Moon 44" by Roland Emmerich.
            Amiga was used for the 3D-flights.

          "Mouth of Madness", directed by John Carpenter.
            Amiga created book covers, posters, and stage setting graphics.

          "Necronomicon", feature film.

          "Neon Warrior", motion picture.
            Amiga also used in creation of a corresponding video game.

          "Pacco, doppio pacco e contropaccotto", Italian movie.
            A500 on screen used for databasing.

          "Panama Deception", Oscar Award Winning "Best Documentary Film".

          "Pelle & Proffen", Norwegian movie.
            Amiga 500 and notepad used.

          "Prince of Darkness", motion picture (1987).
            Amiga 1000s used to write down some evil phrases.
            With external diskdrives and monitors (the ancient ones)
            by Commodore-Amiga.

          "Robocop", motion picture (year and studio unknown).
            Amiga generated special effects.

          "Robocop 2", motion picture (year and studio unknown).
            Amiga generated special effects.

            Amiga computer and Workbench visible.

          "Sidekicks", starring Chuck Norris.

          "Star Trek VI", feature film.
            Lightwave generated graphics by Joe Conti.
            USS Enterprise and USS Excelsior modeled by Allen Hastings.

          "Stepfather III".
            Amiga 500 used as prop with Deluxe Paint and Digi View.

          "Terminator II", motion picture.
            Amiga generated morphs. (Not verified)

          "The Abyss", motion picture (year and studio unknown).
            Turbo Silver 3 used to model water tentacles and aliens.

          "The Gods Must Be Crazy II".
            Amiga 2000 used to display graphics in the opening.

          "The Rachel Papers"
            An Amiga 500 + A1010(?) external floppy drive
            (the big chunky one originally for the A1000)
            used as the heros computer.

          "Three Men and A Baby".
            Amiga character generation and titling by Rick Probst.

            Amiga and Video Toaster was used. (Not verified)

          "Total Recall", motion picture.
            Digital Creations SuperGen genlocked graphics.

          "Toy Soldiers".
            Amiga 2000 sighted a couple of times in the dorm room of one
            of the students in the movie.

          "Wallace and Gromit".
            Amiga and Video Toaster was used.

          "Warlock", produced by Trimark.

          "Warlock II", produced by Trimark.

          "Wayne's World II", starring Dana Carvey and Mike Myers.
            Produced by Paramount Pictures.