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 *Television Movies*

            Home Box Office Presentations.
            Flight scenes by Toaster Marmalade of California.

          "Babylon 5", Emmy Award Winning Movie, Warner Bros. (1993).
            All computer graphics generated on Amiga computers.
            Lightwave 3D generated scenes of space ships.

          "Die Distel" (The thistle).
            Amiga 2000 spotted.
            Its a german production and it was produced in 1991.

          "Get smart again".
            Amiga 1000 spotted.

          "Max Headroom", motion picture and television series.

          "seaQuest DSV", Irvin Kirschner (director), Universal Studios (1993).
            Starring Roy Scheider.
            Effects produced by Amblin Imaging and 60 Video Toasters.
            More special effects than "The Empire Strikes Back".

          "The Dark Half".
            Stephen King television movie.
            Character effects by Everett Burrell.

          "The Tower"
            Main actor opens an A1000 and manupulates a chip.

            Stephen King television movie.
            Morphing sequences using ASDG's MorphPlus, by The Post Group.

          "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles", Emmy Award, Special Visual Effects.