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 *Kiosks and OEM*

            Internet FTP site supported by Amiga 3000UX.
            Founding host site of Aminet mirrors.
            Supervised by Urban D Mueller.

          Atari, USA.
            Used Amiga computers as development machines for the Atari Lynx handheld

          Arcade Coin-Up Video Games.
            Mad Dog McCree, laser disc based video game.
             Controlled by a genlock-equipped Amiga 500.
            Magic Johnson's Basketball.

          Australian international airports.
            Amiga and InfoChannel used.

          Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC Broadcast Center in Toronto.
            Information Kiosks, for finding studios and offices.

          CD32, CD based game console.
            First 32-BIT game console.
            Introduced July 1993.
            Based on the AGA chipset as found in the Amiga 1200.

          CDTV, CD based interactive multimedia player.
            First CD based multimedia player.
            Introduced 6 months before CD-I.
            Based on the OCS chipset as found in the Amiga 500.

          Consumer paint color coding service, used at hardware stores.

          Design Mirage's Kodak Film Racing Team.

          Expandaview Videowall System, Optinocal Ltd. of England.
            Point of Sale and Point of Information systems.
            "Graphic Master".
            "Studio VIP Plus".

          Franklin Mill Outlet Mall, Philladelphia, Pennsylvania.
            Information booths.

          Full Service Network, Time Warner Studios.
            Cinemorph used for in-house films, produced by Co-directions.

          Israeli shopping malls (names unknown).
            Amiga 1200 and Scala used to control multiple monitors for TV
            programs and special sales announcements.

          London Transport Museum Interactive Displays.
            109 CD32 consoles.
            Networked kiosks developed by Index Information.

          Martinez California County District Attorney's Office.
            Database of Delinquent Parents, using NewTek Video Toasters.

          Me TV, Video Karaoke, Media Image Productions.

          Oceana Naval Air Station in Virgina Beach, Virginia (InfoChannel).

          Paradise Hotel, Eilat (assumed Israeli city).
            Amiga 1200's and Scala used in interactive kiosks (topics unknown).

          POST In Store Advertising Network for Supermarkets.

          SEGA Genesis software development systems.
            Amiga 500 based expansion boards for game development.

          User Interface Technologies "Media Magician", home control system.

          Videoplex Tour of Alaska.

          Video Toaster Workstations by NewTek of Topeka, Kansas.
            Amiga based systems with Video Toaster expansion board.

          VIDIGraphic's McDonalds' Drive-Thru Video Displays.