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 *Production Studios*

          Amblin Imaging.
            Creator of "seaQuest DSV" special effects.
            "Jurassic Park" previsualization presentations.

          Anima (assumed Israeli post production house).
            Video post production house.
            Amiga 3000's and Amiga 1200's used to create previews and for
            animation classes.

          Creative Capers, USA.
            Made some stuff for Disney.
            Feature movie sequences for 101 Dalmations and mr. Magoo.

          Film Roman, USA.
            Have used Amiga computers for line testing.

          Foundation Imaging, California.
            Creator of "Babylon 5" special effects.

          NatterJack, Vancouver, Canada.
            Have used some Amiga 4000 computers.

          Will Vinton Productions.
            Used Amigas for several commercials, noteably the
            Chips Ahoy and the "Ant's," Raid Commercials.