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 *Cable Television*

          American Cablevision.

          Brookhaven Cable, Long Island, New York.
            Prevue Guide, Real Estate Channel, Classified Ads Channel.

          Brooklyn Queens Cable, Brooklyn, New York.
            Pay Per View.

          Comedy Central Cable Network.
            Video Toaster generated overlays and graphics.

          Cox Cable Productions, New Orleans, LA.
            ACE Award nomination for sports productions.
            Still store of basketball players.
            Online CG for remote live EFP events, basketball, football,

          Drøbak cable channel, Oslo/Norway.
            Used Amiga to control the infochannel on the local tv cable network.

          Israeli cable television (name unknown).
            Amiga generated graphics used in promotional spots using Imagine.

          Monmouth Cablevision, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA.
            Used Amiga's for their Public Access and advertising channels.

          Paragon Cabel (now AT&T Broadband).
            Has used Amigas for many different things.

          Roger's Cable, Canada.
            TV Listings Channel, Real Estate Channel.
            Video Toaster controlled video editing, titling, overlays.

          TCI cable television.

          Time Warner Cable US
            Used Amiga at one time for their channel guide.

          Videotron Ltee.
            1992 to 1996, Automated "personnal ads channel" using VideoToaster Amiga
            equipped computer, Cando design control software.
            Amiga/toaster are still in use in 2000 in many "community channels"
            productions along newer production equipement. There are about 10
            production studios In Videotron scatered around Quebec. A third still
            use Amiga/toaster for various uses in television production.

          Vision Cable in North Carolina.
            PreVue Guide.