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 *New and updated entries*

          Advanced Technology Labs (Bothell, Washington State, USA).
            Built a custom Amiga 4000T motherboard in late 1997 that was used in a
            medical ultrasound machine called the HDI 1000.

          Bow High School, Bow NH.
            Used the Amiga 4000 Video Toaster to produce in school morning
            TV news program from 1998 to 2003.
            Was in an article in Amazing Amiga Magazine 1998.

          Music University of Dresden, Germany.
            Used Amiga 3000 for programming music applications.

          "Star Trek TNG", Paramount.

          "Hugo", television, Germany, Sweden (maybe others).
            Interective TV Show "Hugo". Available as game as well.

          "Superball", Sat1 television, Germany.
            Used 2 Amiga 1200 synchronisized to create a TV Show called Superball.
            Different versions of that game available (Amiga 500 first, later
            system of 2 A1200, more colours etc.).
            Supported by Amiga Technologies, made by Haage&Partner software.

          SVT, Swedish television company.
            Workbench visible in Christmas calender show "Barna Hedenhös
            uppfinner julen" 2013. Can be seen on Youtube.

          Technical University of Vienna, Austria.
            Commodore Amiga A3000 for Multimedia video productions.
            Genlock and Broadcast used.

          "UFO's are real"
            Amiga 4000 with videotoaster used for editing.